Its just us...

Hello everyone,

As a golf and ski enthusiast myself, I'm thrilled to share the story of how our company came to be. My wife Dyan and I moved to Bend, Oregon nine years ago, seeking a better quality of life and a home that would support our shared love for skiing, golfing, and the great outdoors. It was here, amongst the serene beauty and thrilling activities of Central Oregon that we spotted a gap in the market for high-quality, functional golf and ski bags.

Over the years, I've experienced the frustration of rummaging through my bags in search of misplaced gear, while my friends either waited at the tee or while my jacket lay in the snow. It became clear to me that the existing options for golf and ski bags were outdated and lacked the organizational capabilities essential for an enjoyable outdoor experience. Our goal was simple, create bags that would not only look stylish but offer a level of convenience and functionality that would elevate one's golf or ski adventures.

Having no prior experience in product design, sourcing production, sporting goods, or retail sales, I jumped headfirst into this business venture. What better way to show our two young daughters the importance of chasing one's dreams than by pursuing a business designed around our passions?

Our golf and ski bags are uniquely designed, combining vintage aesthetics with modern organizational features. We know firsthand that having easy access to your gear not only enhances your overall experience but also maximizes your time outdoors. With an ambitious vision of becoming the go-to brand for sports equipment bags, we continue to innovate and strive for excellence.

The demand for functional and eye-catching sports bags has expanded in recent years and we are here to meet that demand. We understand that for the avid golfer or skier, being able to seamlessly access their equipment can make the difference between a mediocre and a memorable experience. Our products reflect our dedication to improving the adventures of our fellow golf and ski enthusiasts.

As our company grows, we vow to create a positive impact on our customers and the wider community. In the years to come, we see our bags becoming the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts, making it easier than ever to enjoy the passions that bring us so close to nature and each other.